Keep Going

I’ve been reading a lot of build threads on DoTheTon forum. Most of them start with a full tear down. Since i’ve never worked on the bike before i decided to go through everything “slowly”, clean up what i can, break a few things here and there :) It’s a learning experience after all.

Freshly painted logo at the shop.

Clutch cover appeared to have a small crack after i removed the paint. Not a big deal. Also first casualty - clutch adjustment cover gasket.

Those turn signals are enormous. Might as well use them as helmet hooks. Will be replacing with smaller ones from Dime City along with smaller tach and speedo gauges.

Everything is nasty.

Getting there.

Shocks need some cleaning love.

Both front and rear sprockets were worn out bad. Tony (guy that runs Motoguild) asked to leave those as an example for classes :)

Cleaned up right cover. Haven’t learned how to polish/buff, so will revisit this part later once i have an idea.

Stator cover was a bit tricky to get off. After about 10 minutes of banging on it with a rubber mallet it finally gave up. Was welcomed with some funky-looking watery substance (that smelled like shit). Rusty and dirty, as Usually.

While trying to get the coil off the cover both of the mount screws snapped. Unlike most of other screws on the bike, these were too “soft”. Usually you just strip the head. Not with these guys. I’ll have to deal with this later.

Cleaner stator cover and engine guard rails.

Most of the paint removed. Not sure if i want to dissamble the shocks though. They’re pretty old, might as well find a replacement.

Toolbox and batterybox. Plenty of rust in there too.

Seat pan was all rusted out. Cleaned up and painted with appliance epoxy. Should be good enough.

More stuff to remove.

Everybody likes shiny things.

Bikes galore.

Ignition switch stays. But for the sake of learning, i will clean both gauges. Maybe even sell them if i dont fuck things up.

Cleaned and fixed the bent side stand. I almost felt bike’s falling a few times now. Turned out mount bracket was about 20 degrees bent (not pictured). In addition to that, there’s a crack in the bracket. Shrug.

I never knew the housings were made of aluminum.

Cleaned up left control switch just fine. Opened up right control switch and those pesky screws won’t even bulge. Oh well, I was thinking of getting a NOS replacements anyways.

Did the full cleanup of the tach. Pardon my claws.

Some nasty paint job right here.

Headlight bucket is next. Interesting fact, while i was working on the bike, i discovered a series of layers of paint on different parts. I still dont know what the original color scheme of the bike was. Colors so far: black, mustard and purple.

After cleaning and sanding i primed the headlight bucket. Not sure about the color yet. I really like the gunmetal color, although i’ll have to wait until all parts are cleaned and ready to be painted. This was a practice anyway.