That Sounds Interesting

Without a place to work on the bike i’ve found a “coworking” space for motorcycle enthusiasts in Chicago - Motoguild. They offer affordable winter storage or for some extra pay you can have access to forklift and full set of shop tools. I’ve attended some of their awesome classes in the past too (basic maintenance, bike build night and engine rebuild class). Highly recommended.

First things first, some inspection time! I need to figure out what needs to be done / fixed / replaced on the bike to make it clean and nice to ride. In other words, i have no idea what i’m doing. Figured it would be interesting to have a hobby that does not involve any computers, so fuck it - let’s do it!

Lots of brushed-on paint on parts. Looks like someone wanted to do a quick and easy paint job. That has to go. Ripped seat should be an easy fix. Not so sure about the tank.

Shitty paint again. Also will remove those bulky gauges and turn signals.

Leaky head. That’s the main trouble maker for now.

I kind of like all black style, just not how it sits right now.

Aftermarket 2-into-1 MAC exhaust system. It’s good enough, the trouble is that the kick start hits the muffler making it useless. I wanted to go with 1-to-1 kind of exhaust anyway. Maybe i can trade (or sell) MAC for some other part. We’ll see. Notice a small hand grenade valve cover on the wheel.

PO had replaced stock carbs with Mikuni VM32 with UNI filters. Will have to look into those and see if there are any problems. Throttle was tricky to handle at 1/4 so maybe there’s a leak.

Paint over chrome fender. Nice touch.

Started to remove all easy parts.

Did a compression test. First attempt was unsuccessful (throttle was closed), re-did and got about 115+ psi on both cylinders. About as low as the spec goes, but at least both are consistent.