The Unfortunate End

August 10, 2018

While i was really close to finish up the project and get the kz on the road, MotoGuild was preparing to move into a bigger and nicer space over the course of June and July, so i was really excited to get back to wrenching. New location was scheduled to open in mid July and conveniently located only 10 mins from my home. Then something terrible happened - fire…

On July 12, 2018 MotoGuild got caught on fire from a stolen and torched car that was parked right next to the building. All new buildup, equipment, bikes and the building itself got seriosly damaged. What a terrible and unfortunate turn of events for a private business owner and the Chicago motorcycle community as a whole.

Long story short, all stuff had to be moved and i stopped by to check on my project. I honestly had no expectations and thought it was all gone. Well, the bike was not physically damaged (could not start the bike thouhg), although completely covered with soot and dust from the firefighters, it did not look good at all. Flash rusted, even the brand new parts rusted too. Real bummer.

I’m putting the project on hold for the time being due to lack of time and a space to wrench on. This is not the end like the title says, i will try to resurrect the project when i have a chance.

List of things done to the bike just to keep the record:

I’m pretty sure i’m forgetting lots of other small things and bits here and there. Overall it has been a pretty intence project for me as i have no prior mechanic experience and just picked up skills along the way.